PCMark 2005 Patch verfügbar

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    • PCMark 2005 Patch verfügbar

      Für den PCMark 2005 gibt es den Patch 1.1 der mehrere Fehler und Bugs beseitigen soll. Dieser ist 3,5 MB groß und bei uns intern als Download verfügbar.


      HDD Test problems when /usepmtimer switch not present in boot.ini is fixed;
      Issues on Transparent Windows test when other programs are run with "always on top" option has been fixed;
      Visual settings for Windows is forced to "Adjusted for best appearance" (or "Let Windows choose...” which is the default setting for Windows XP) for the Transparent Windows test;
      A potential risk of distorting results with 3rd party overclocking software has been fixed;
      Reproducibility related issues with memory tests on some platforms has been fixed;
      Export to Excel component issues with large amounts of data fixed;
      Performance issues on certain tests have been tweaked, results on some platforms may improve with this;
      Problems with external USB/Firewire hard drives have been fixed;
      Updated System Info component with support for the latest CPU and graphics hardware;
      Fixed all reported & reproduced bugs;