PowerColor Radeon X800XL Review

    • PowerColor Radeon X800XL Review

      So, dieses Modell wird sicher sehr begehrt werden, günstig und trotzdem voller Technik.

      One of PowerColor's latest high-end multimedia gaming video processing unit is the new and improved PowerColor X800XL. The model we are going to scrutinize is the R43C-TVD3D. The R43C-TVD3D is the nomenclature for a Dual DVI-I / HDTV / VIVO X800XL, PCI-EXPRESS x16, 256bit - 256MB GDDR3, 16 pixel pipeline power house! The PowerColor ATI Radeon X800 XL VIVO is an excellent cost effective high-end multimedia video card and today we are going analyze and test this bad boy on both Intel and AMD platforms.