Campus Party Europe

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    • Campus Party Europe

      Hallo modders!
      Ich wurde von organizatoren der Campus Party gebeten, um bei der suche fuer cas modders von Oesterreich zu helfen.
      Wen ihr fertige (oder fast fertige) case modds habt, registriert euch an der seite
      Transport von euch und von den modds wird bei Campus Party vorher bezahlt.

      Campus Party is recognized as the biggest electronic entertainment event on-line in the world. An annual event that brings together thousands of participants with their computers from all over the world in order to share their concerns and experiences and carry out a whole range of different activities related to computers, communications and new technologies.

      A special edition of Campus Party Europe will take place in Madrid, Spain from 15th – 18th April 2010 becoming the biggest concentration of digital talent that has ever been brought together in Europe. All costs for transport, accommodation and maintenance will be taken care of by the organizing body of the event. In total 800 young people from all 27 member states of the European Union will participate in the event.