Angepinnt SpeedFan

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    • Das Analysetool SpeedFan gibt es nun in der Version 4.26. Die Neuerungen sind:

      greatly improved nVidia support (it should no longer go to high CPU usage and /NONVIDIAI2C should be no longer needed)
      EVENTS now can access SMART HD attributes
      fixed a memory leak in events' processing
      added full support for ANALOG DEVICES ADT7468
      added support for more nVidia video cards
      added support for ABIT AX8
      fixed FINTEK F75375S fan speed change (previously it didn't work)
      UGURU support is no longer probed through WMI (this fixes an error message that appeared to some users)
      verified to be working fine under Windows Vista
      added PWM control settings for WINBOND W83637HF in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED
      added advanced settings for the third fan of W83637HF


      Neueste Version immer im letzten Beitrag
    • SpeedFan 4.31

      Hier ist die aktuellste Version:

      4.31 - added full support for W83627DHG
      - added full support for VIA VT8237A

      4.30 - added detection and support for internal temperature sensors on multiprocessor AMD K8 (Sempron, Athlon 64 and Opterons) systems
      - added full support for ADM1026
      - added full support for SMSC SCH311x
      - added full support for MAX6640
      - added full support for INTEL 631xESB SMBus
      - added full support for ADT7473
      - added LPC47M534 fan support
      - ADT7473 and ADT7476 temperatures now properly handle offset 64 setting
      - fixed W83637HF PWM MODE 3 and PWM 3 ENABLE setting
      - fully verified DFI LP NF4 support
      - added a check to skip SCSI disks that return invalid LOG SENSE pages (usually are EIDE/SATA disks where the driver tries to emulate some SCSI specific calls)
      - added preliminary detection of NS PC8374L, NS PC87427 and WINBOND W83627DHG
      - added an additional check in LM80 detection to avoid some false positives
      - improved ICH7-M support
      - added /NOAMDK8SCAN command line switch
      - 100% fan speeds on program exit is no longer a default

    • Speedfan 4.33 Final

      Nach mehreren Betas ist Speedfan 4.33 nun Final

      - completely rewritten the detection and the identification strategy of ITE IT871xF chips (fan readings are now ok)
      - xAP support is now properly reenabled between sessions
      - fixed context sensitive help (F1 key) on Windows Vista
      - enabled, if needed, the SMBus on Intel ICH7 and ICH8-M
      - added several checks to CPU usage routines, fixing a nasty issue where an error window appeared once every second
      - added full support for ATI SB600 SMBus
      - added full support for Intel ICH9 SMBus
      - added full support for nVidia MCP55 SMBus
      - added sull support for ADT7475
      - added nVidia Control Panel access to read video card temperatures
      - supported the IT8716F and the IT8718F hardware monitor at unusual addresses
      - added some SMB scan exceptions for Compal 08A0
      - SMBus address $15 no longer scanned on AOpen i975Xa-YDG
      - fixed an issue that caused the DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-DR Venus to power off on program start
      - added support for Fintek F71872F voltage readings
      - IT8712F-J now uses two undocumented FAN DIVs
      - speeded up Asus M2N32-SLI DELUXE program startup
      - added detection of an unknown Fintek chip (to avoid false detection of other sensors at the same address)
      - W83627EHF and W83627DHG now properly show SMARTFAN III in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED
      - W83627EHF and W83627DHG can now change PWM TYPE from PWM to DC in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED
      - fixed FAN DIVISOR settings for Winbond W83791D
      - added PWM OUT BASE CLOCK selection for WINBOND W83627DHG, W83627EHF and W83627EHG
      - warning temperature can now be set as high as 125C in CONFIGURE

    • SpeedFan 4.34 Beta 16

      Speedfan gibt es wieder in einer neuen Beta version

      includes a huge amount of new code and of code rewritings.
      fixes the crash on some DFI motherboards and properly identifies one revision of the IT8705F chip.
      a lot of code to improve nVidia support.
      Intel CORE temperatures should now properly work on all systems.
      Added support for the SMBus available on several new SouthBridges.
      Added support for new chips.
      Added preliminary CPU identification routines needed to better support new hardware.

    • SpeedFan 4.34 Beta 29

      Auch Speedfan gibt es wieder in einer neuen Beta Version.

      greatly improves Intel CPU identification,
      supports more hardware (like the W83793G),
      fixes a bug with charts and adds, in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED,
      a new setting to see Intel Core temperatures in a RELATIVE or ABSOLUTE way.
      refines several things and improves CPU identification.