Neue Kühler von ArcticCooling

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    • Neue Kühler von ArcticCooling

      Arctic Cooling haben neue CPU Kühler auf den Markt gebracht, die man sowohl auf den aktuellen Athlon 64, als auch auf Pentium 4 and Pentium D (Socket 775) verwenden kann. Die Kühler nennen sich Freezer 7 Pro und Freezer 64 Pro und haben 6 aktive Heatpipes. Die Modelle werden Ende September bei den Händlern verfügbar sein und um die 30,- Euro kosten.

      "The new Freezer Pro not only cools better but is even quieter than the current Freezer
      New CPU cooler utilizes six heat pipes and is compatible with both Pentium 4 and Pentium D
      (Socket 775) as well as AMD Athlon 64 and X2 (Socket 754/939) CPU’s.
      Pfäffikon/ Hong Kong, 04.10.2005. Swiss CPU cooler manufacturer ARCTIC COOLING
      launches new series of CPU coolers based on heatpipe technology. Compared to the
      existing Freezer, the Freezer 7 Pro and Freezer 64 Pro has 6 active heatpipes. Thanks to
      smart design and the higher number of heatpipes both new models reach higher levels of
      cooling performance compared to the Freezer, which already surpasses the stock cooler by
      As with almost all the fans from ARCTIC COOLING these models use a long lasting Ceramic
      Bearing. Further the fan is suspended onto a vibration dampened frame, allowing for a
      virtually silent fan. The copper made heatpipes secure a swift heat absorption, which can be
      transferred optimally through the cooling fins. In addition thermal compound had been
      preapplied to the copper base, so that the cooler is instantly ready for easy installation.
      Both models will be available aat official ARCTIC COOLING distributors by end of September
      2005. The MSRP is USD 34.-."